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Basic IT Concepts Q2 | May 2023

Start Date: May 15, 2023 | Registration Deadline: May 15, 2023
Duration: 8 Weeks (Mondays) | Start Time: 7PM Prompt (every Monday)

This courseware is designed to illustrate what it means to be digitally literate, and to demonstrate what can be accomplished using a computer. The participant will progress to using popular software application programs to process typical documents found in a business or school environment. Participants are also introduced to what the Internet is and what makes it so popular for communicating and sharing information with others.

This courseware is targeted towards people who are new to computers or who have had limited exposure to a computer prior to taking this course. The intent of this courseware is to impart knowledge and skill sets that a participant can apply to tasks he/she may want to perform using a computing device.

This courseware was designed to provide the essential skills for computer literacy, using application programs commonly found in school and business environments. It is intended for those who have not used a web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database or email program previously, or for those who have minimal experience. Some familiarity with using a mouse and keyboard can be helpful.

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*Students must have a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with a speaker/mic and built-in camera, web camera or attached camera.