Welcome to SmartThink LLC

SmartThink™ exists to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our organization information and information system.

SmartThink is a fancy name for a bunch of IT Professionals who believe the world deserve an excellent information technology. SmartThink was founded in 2000 with focus on Information Assurance and Information Technology (IT) training. Our team’s superior business acumen is derived from a wide range of backgrounds and specialties. Our team includes published authors, federal security policy contributors, patent holders, open source developers, and industry thought leaders. Previous employers include Symantec, McAfee, MIT Lincoln Labs, Rapid7, Sun Microsystems, Dell, IBM, Cisco, and National Instruments.

We provide these IT Services worldwide:

  • Endpoint security (SA&A)
  • Hardware/software Inventory Software deployment
  • Security updates
  • Server administration
  • Patch management
  • Server and infrastructure monitoring
  • Desktop Management

Our Mission

To provide the best information assurance and cyber security services to our customers. We will deliver to our customers an outstanding service through responsiveness, diligence, good judgement and building on our culture of excellent.

Our Vision

SmartThink™ LLC strives to be the world leader in information assurance and cyber security by exceeding the expectations of our customers.” This is our Vision Statement which pushes us to new heights.

Our systems and methods we used in giving support and training are uniquely designed. Work with us, get rid of ordinary methods.

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Our Experience

Since inception, SmartThink has led hundreds of information security initiatives in both government and commercial arenas around the world. We have excellent credentials in Security Authorization & Assessment (SA&A), penetration testing, FISMA compliance, Sarbanes Oxley section 404 compliance, business continuity, incident response, network security, application security, Information Technology training and all areas of cyber security engineering.

Value Statement:

  • Employees are the core source of our success
  • Foster a culture where employees are valued
  • Leadership sets the right example
  • Senior management is opened to new ideas and solutions
  • Our customer deserve highly skilled information assurance personnel
  • Embrace the diversity of our employees and clients we work with
  • Always aiming for excellent
  • See every challenge as an opportunity to grow and get better

Our Partners

We work with players that are driven by the same convictions as us to transform the IT Sector

SmartThink™ works with companies, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges on technology. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas are helping build stronger IT training and services. External partnerships are essential to the achievement of our mission, which is the reason why we work with them. We work with several worldwide partners in our service distribution circuits. We successfully collaborate and work with agencies and tech companies all around the world. Our partners have worked with us to deliver ever more innovative, effective and successful training and projects and their support has been vital in achieving our Mission and Vision.

SmartThink LLC are marketing Partners with Google & Facebook

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